Tell the Christmas Rescue Story

Tell the Christmas Rescue Story

If your children were in big trouble, wouldn’t you do anything to rescue them? Of course! Even if it means great sacrifice or risk. Whatever it takes, right?

That’s the truth about Christmas we need to remember. God loves us so much that the very Sovereign of the Universe staged a daring rescue, arriving in person to save us from sin, death and the power of Satan. And God did it with boldness and dramatic revelation about the nature of the Divine Heart.

God both came into the world and left the world in ways expected by few – certainly not the religious establishment of Jesus’ day, which remained mostly clueless that God incarnate was walking and talking among them. God’s low-key arrival flew beneath the radar of the rabbis and religious scholars, the very first ones who should have known.

Now 2,000 years later, the arrival of God in the world escapes no one’s attention, but the significance of Jesus’s birth easily gets lost amid the commercial hype and holiday happiness. Even among us pastors and church leaders, the very last ones who should forget.

As stewards of the Good News, we can make sure we ourselves – and our congregations and families – remember and tell the Christmas story and its saving message:

-God came to save us, arriving into the world through the same biological process that brought us here.
-God incarnate was born in a drafty barn to an ordinary woman.
-The baby Jesus whom Mary suckled, rocked and changed, was and is God.
-Jesus is both God’s plan and God’s means by which the Almighty rescues us from death, sin and the power of Satan.
-God rescues us because we are God’s sons and daughters.
-God rescues us because we are loved infinitely.

-Now that’s a Christmas present.

Merry Christmas!

Copyright (c) 2004, the Rev. Rob Blezard. All rights reserved.

Reprint rights granted for congregations for nonprofit, local use. Please reprint with the following copyright notice:
© Copyright 2004, the Rev. Rob Blezard. Reprinted by permission.
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