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I’ve been a professional writer and editor since my first reporting job back in 1981 for The Bridgeport Post (now The Connecticut Post). Here are links to some of the articles I’ve written recently. In most cases it’s the publication, not I, who owns the copyright.

Led by the Spirit: Congregations energized by what God is doing in their midst
February 2019 issue of Living Lutheran. The Holy spirit calls, gathers, sustains and leads our churches in mission and ministry for the sake of their neighbors and the world. Congregations that listen prayerfully and respond faithfully often find that their communities become more vital and robust.

Mission Support: The Lifeblood of the ELCA
October 2018 issue of Living Lutheran. This article and study guide explores why congregational contributions are essential to for the ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Staying safe in church
June 2018 issue of Living Lutheran. With all-too-frequent reports of crazed shooters rampaging public places, what’s a congregation to do? This article looks at ways to keep sacred space safe.

Stronger Together: Ecumenical relationships enrich congregations
July 2018 issue of Living Lutheran. This magazine cover story and study guide look at how ELCA congregations are finding strength in partnership with churches in other denominations.

The ‘e’ word: Why does the ELCA have the word ‘evangelical’ in its name?
April 2018 issue of Living Lutheran. This cover story and study guide explore the sometimes-confusing identity of our Mainline Church as “Evangelical” in a culture where the term has lots of baggage.

It’s all about death — and life!
February 2018 issue of Living Lutheran. Death is not an ending, but rather a transition. This is what we know as followers of Jesus. This cover story and study guide look at how Lutherans are helping others see and experience death as a gateway to life.

‘We don’t use that language anymore’
Spring 2003 issue of Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. This article looks at a program in a Maine high school that helped stem a culture of verbal abuse.

It takes a man
Fall 2002 issue of Teaching Tolerance. Even years before the me-too movement, a number of men and advocacy groups were working to teach boys and young men to respect women and fight against rape culture.

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