Stewardship + Discipleship

TWIN elements of a faith journey, stewardship and discipleship are two sides of the same coin. To grow as a disciple, I must also grow as a steward, and vice-versa. Let us walk together the path that leads to deeper discipleship and stewardship.

Recent blog posts

April Toolkit focus: Creation Care

Care of God’s creation is turning out to be THE most important issue of our lifetime. SOLI’s stewardship toolkit explores the theme “Stewards of the natural world,” with a newsletter article, RCL-based “stewardship snippets” for Sunday bulletins and resources to dig in deeper.

2021: A year for wellbeing

Last year was, as we say in my native Rhode Island, “Wicked Stressful!” The pandemic, the economy and a grueling political season really took a toll on our emotional, physical and spiritual health. That’s why it’s a good idea to emphasize wellbeing in 2021. Here are some ideas!

Gifts that won’t become clutter

We had WAY too much stuff, and Christmas gifts were a major contributing factor. Our culture’s gift-giving customs are not good stewardship. But we can change our gift-giving practices to give our recipients, ourselves and our world a richer, fuller and better outcome.

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