Stewardship + Discipleship

TWIN elements of a faith journey, stewardship and discipleship are two sides of the same coin. To grow as a disciple, I must also grow as a steward, and vice-versa. Let us walk together the path that leads to deeper discipleship and stewardship.

Recent blog posts

The Gospel worldview

It’s not the magical act of giving that makes people cheerful. People who give grudgingly tend to wind up more sour as a result. But people who are cheerful in their faith tend to give generously. There’s a tool that transforms grudging people into cheerful givers.

The law’s tithing versus the Gospel’s free generosity

Next time you’re at a church social function, go up to people who seem to be having fun and start talking about tithing. Most will run for cover faster than vampires at dawn. But the ones who remain may have an interesting story to share.

Start a ‘Prayerful Gratitude Campaign’

Covid-19 has got everybody down in the dumps. We have lost so much in this Covid-19 pandemic, everybody is suffering some degree of grief for the lives we enjoyed just a couple months ago. What’s a congregational leader to do? Start a Prayerful Gratitude Campaign.

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