Stewardship + Discipleship

TWIN elements of a faith journey, stewardship and discipleship are two sides of the same coin. To grow as a disciple, I must also grow as a steward, and vice-versa. Let us walk together the path that leads to deeper discipleship and stewardship.

Recent blog posts

Start a ‘Prayerful Gratitude Campaign’

Covid-19 has got everybody down in the dumps. We have lost so much in this Covid-19 pandemic, everybody is suffering some degree of grief for the lives we enjoyed just a couple months ago. What’s a congregational leader to do? Start a Prayerful Gratitude Campaign.

Happy 50th, Earth Day! We need you more than ever!

Earth Day 1970 was part of a movement that galvanized public opinion to demand action to clean up pollution. As God’s people celebrate 50 years of Earth Day, we need to harness that kind of energy today to rally people everywhere to fight the climate crisis. Before it’s too late.

Don’t let the pandemic crash your offerings

Restrictions on travel and gathering have caused financial pains for churches across the land. When people stay away from church, usually so do their offerings. No one action or practice will ensure the financial stability of your congregation, but strategically putting enough elements in place will provide a strong framework for sustainable ministry.

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